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April 08, 2011

  Gonna try and get this cleaned out. What was the OlKatz is suffering a slow painful death, not my choice, but it takes real brotherhood to keep things flowing and most have lost the desire. I'll be moving on, alway looking to better myself.



December 18, 2010

 Not a thing going on except Margie-Ball.

Happy Ho Ho !



August 29, 2010

Link to Vacation Photos Click Here


 I just got back from a vacation ride to the Smoky Mountains, Blue Ridge Parkway, Skyline Drive and then back via the New River Gorge.  Awesome ride and great views all around. I'll be working on sorting out the 800 photo's over the next few weeks, then I can get a link setup from here. 

I'll write more about the following two pics later,

Babe Of The Day for Aug. 26th (Ranger Wendy) and 27th (Amazing Amy), 2010.





July 7, 2010

 Just wanted to get a few pictures put up from this years OlKatz Poker Run fathers day weekend. So few showed this year, a big disappointment.



Meet Brandi , our Babe of the Day





May  23, 2010

  Looking at the weather forecast for the upcoming week I am tempted to burn a week of vacation and wear down some tread, but going to hold off for a while yet. I'll be in the wind today, might go get some elk meat.

Want to share a pic that Candy brought to me after her trip to the east coast. Some of you Katz have met her before, she has parked her ass on the back of my bike on occasions over the last few years.


( 2008 )

  Just in, my new gas door : Not the best pic, but the people at Chrome Fusion sure done a nice job on this one.


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