Nov. 10, 2012
 Life has moved me in a path away from most of the OlKatz. Rarely hear from any of these guys at all. I have been tied up with caring for my parents and have little time away from the job anyhow. In the spirit of what was, I am going to try to keep this site up and hope to include pics from each years runs, which has fallen to a yearly total of ONE, the Fathersday weekend Poker Run. Might redesign what little is left here once I spend some time learning new software. This winter I am trying something a little different. Early in 2012 I bought a new Ultra Limited and had motor work done right away, I dropped the bike off for winter storage (never done that before) and will have a 10k service as well as a new chrome front end when I pick up in the spring.

June 13.2010

 Nothing but old news. Between working 65+ hours during the week and the non-stop storms I haven't been out and about all that much this year. Just a few days here and there, and as normal since all you jerk-offs have switched from riding to golfing, I end up just traveling alone anymore.



Feb. 26, 2008

 As most of the Katz know, Les has had some personal issues over that last year including problems with his bike. Well thanks to Terry Parker , Freedom Harley-Davidson and others his bike is now back together, BUT, could use help paying for the repairs. We still need donations to help Les have a bike to ride this summer. If you can make a donation, contact me ( Travis ),  George, or for those who know him, Terry. 


Sept. 7, 2007

 I'm sure all can see that I just don't have the time to fuck around with this website much during the summer. Always busy either working (which consumes most of my time) or out riding and partying whenever the chance is there.



Nov. 1, 2005  ( ) goes online. What will the future have in store.


It's such a pretty world today... Look at the sun shine.. la la la.



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